Iceland through my eyes

Hey there,

We visited Iceland for the second time, and I cannot wait to go there again. I own a lot to that land, where I understood that every dream could come true. The land of fire and ice where cute horses guard their treasures and where Mother Nature proved its creativity one more time. I am in love with the nature, and I visited many amazing places, but I never felt the same energy in any other country. I do not have words to explain how happy I was to be back and chase waterfalls.

We went in Iceland at the end of March, when the spring wanted to show up, but winter was still very strong. We experienced all the seasons in 5 days at least 6 times per day. We faced the strongest wind ever and craziest snow. We got stuck in the snow into the wilderness while we were trying to drive towards secret waterfalls for more than 2 hours when someone finally managed to tow us. It was an insane adventure but extremely beautiful.





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